June 27, 2016

No. 1


It was about time we let our journey of spontaneity begin…now, to the planning! My husband, God bless is soul, is rather patient with me. He knows I am 100% adventurer and 100% coordinator, seemingly impossible? Not for me, I plan to be spontaneous often.

I stirred loudly enough in bed to awake my sleep-loving husband and just before he could open his second eye, I eagerly exclaimed “Number one? Let’s go!” We packed some snacks and waters and we were off! Saturday, October 17th, our Thirty or 30 was underway. After doing some research the day before, I found an amazing location not too terribly far from us. The Lava Tubes in the Mojave Desert. Michael is a photographer/videographer genius so I tend to find places that not only I would enjoy but I know would stimulate not just his eyes, but his lenses as well. Photographs are moments shared forever and I’m grateful to relive these long after the visit is over.

We drove a quick 4.5 hours to come to a dirt road…this was NOT in the google image search. When I say dirt road I don’t mean, “oh look out for that pebble. That was close.” It was like “oh my gosh, oh my gosh, should we go back?” We were driving in a Jetta, but I am happy to say his Jetta proved strong and true that day. After a good 4 miles of wondering when we were going to bottom out, we finally arrived at the caves. We parked our car and walked a few minutes to find a ladder leading below.


The ladder led us to a small opening, just big enough to crawl through. But what was on the other side was…oh, cool? Nothing that spectacular. I mean, it was an underground cave which was beautiful, but the photos I saw were much better than what was in front of our faces. Where was the underground natural light-show? I can’t instagram this! You know you allll think the same thing.


Then brilliant Michael steps up to the plate and says “What if we throw some dirt in the air?” As I step up the walls and start scraping as much dirt as I can off and into the air, Michael goes directly under one of the many skylights and reaches down to grab a heaping pile of sand and tosses it upward. My dirt brought minimal results, but his brought exactly what we were hoping for. We proceeded to do this throughout the cave under every skylight until all we saw were beautiful strobes of light.


_L7A3374 2

When you don’t see beauty, you create it. If you’re like me and just pitter patter at the walls, you don’t see much of a result. If you’re like Michael, you throw in everything you have and reap massive benefits. You’re more than capable of taking anything that’s ordinary and making it extraordinary!

Number 1

Stay tuned, number two was just a Paige in our book of travels. (you’ll get it later)



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