November 17, 2017

No. 6.5

If you are coming from my last post, you can put Mr. Moviefone voice on pause…for now. Might make a comeback, you never know. I never know.

If you guessed that we would wake up around midnight soaked, you were 50% correct. If you guessed that would wake up soaked as well as the blankets and bedding that covered me, BINGO! The lightning and thunder kept us stirring, but my body had finally had enough once it realized “I stopped wetting the bed yeeeears ago, why am I submerged in liquid?!” Well, our tent was water-resistant, not water-proof! As I’m fumbling over what to do, I notice that Michael is sound asleep, so naturally I wake him up. We brought everything to the middle of the tent to keep the condensation from seeping through the sides onto our stuff. That was pretty much all we could do. I’ll spare you anymore details; just know that I barely slept a wink after that.

The weather had said it would be stormy the whole next day as well which was a massive let-down considering we really wanted to dominate Angel’s Landing while we were in Zion. We escaped to the town in the morning to grab some much-needed coffee with the intention of staying in town until the rain passed. While we were sipping the delicious latte that kept my blood pumping and my face smiling, we both realized the sun was doing its best to shove the clouds aside. We saw its effort and had to oblige by packing up and heading out. To Angel’s Landing we went.

They call it one of the scariest hikes in America, but what scares other people, fuels us. When I heard there was a chain that attached to the mountain that you would have to hold in order to get to the top, there was no way I was missing out on that! The picture above shows the start of the trail in the lower right hand corner, we were maybe only a quarter of the way and the view was already incredible! The whole hike was about 5 miles roundtrip, and there are sections called the Walter’s Wiggles that make you gain a lot of elevation in a short amount of time. In other words, its steep, very steep. At one point we were so over how long it was taking to get there, so we started running, gaining distance while simultaneously gaining enemies from the the annoyed slower on-lookers.

We finally got to the chain portion of the hike. Where I’m standing in the photo above is the widest the trail got with the chains. For the most part you are hiking up natural mountain stairs no more than maybe 3 feet in width. Awesome, right?! This part could be exhausting to most, but it was exhilarating to me! And guess what? We ran into our camping neighbor, Steve ! Silver-haired, adventure man, Steve! Have we mentioned we want to be like him when we grow up?


We neared the top, and what was already a splendid view, became spectacular.

The shot above reminded me of horseshoe bend; stunning and miraculous. This was opposite the valley side and almost as fun to look at. We traveled a bit further up the mountain and came across the much-anticipated, well-worth-it view.


We enjoyed some snacks and water for a bit until the rain came. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for me to think being stuck on this mountain for another 2 hours stopped sounding fun. As if the hiking didn’t already do it, the view made me weak in the knees for a long walk downhill. Sometimes I can’t tell if I prefer the hike up more.

We got back to camp just as all sunlight had finished its job for the day. It was an early night, and a dry one too! We enjoyed our night’s sleep and woke up to start packing. We stayed here for 2 nights; I would suggest 3 to you can go through The Narrows. It’s one of the most beautiful hikes Zion has to offer. We’ll definitely be coming back! And dare I say, Zion stole my heart and has been our favorite number to date. Good ol’ number 6.

Let’s see if number 7 gives 6 a run for its money. To Colorado we go!

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