November 17, 2017

No. 7

On the road again, driving through to Denver, Colorado. I think it’s important to note that puppy fever…it’s at an all time high during this trip. I had actually been contacting several families who were selling Golden Retriever puppies out in Colorado. Just in case Michael felt like finally being okay with us having a puppy, and ya know…driving it home to San Diego with us…16 hours…in a car.

Moving on. Our drive from Zion to Denver was around a 10 hour drive. Here’s some photos to show you how bored we were.










We arrived in Denver late that night. We stayed in this awesome AirBnb just outside of downtown. Have we said yet that AirBnb will always be the way to go? Incredible homes to choose from for always a great price! This one had a brick wall to allow for awesome photo ops.

We ended up passing out almost as soon as we got in. Who knows why driving long distances and hiking gets us wiped out just the same. But sleep, we did. We woke up late and did nothing. Nothing. All. Day. Long. Except we did watch The Office and order sushi from Postmates. Laziest vacation day ever. After finishing a good season or two, we went to bed and both agreed that as much as we loved Michael Scott, Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin, we needed to hit the town in the morning.

Shortly after this, it started to rain, and then it started to POUR! We ran for cover and found this pretty rad rooftop bar called ViewHouse Eatery. Decent food and drinks and a rad spot to see a view of the city! But when I ask Michael to get a shot of our view, he just takes pictures of me. So…there’s that.

We stopped at a small cafe with bad coffee, but I can’t remember the name or else I promise you I would tell you. I think it’s a travelers job to tell people must-see sites and avoid-at-all-costs locations. We had two, well kind of three of the latter on this trip. One being that mysterious corner cafe. Two being the Garden of the gods. I knoooow people talk about how great it is, and maybe it is…if you hadn’t just been to Zion. It was honestly a waste of gas and of our time. Rocks on the ground and what not. We will get to three later.

What wasn’t a regret was going to see a family who’s dog had just had a litter of adorable little puppies! I TOLD you…serious puppy fever. There was one little boy left, and boy was he cute! But he was all over the place, we held him but he wanted to be everywhere but in our arms. Michael and I looked at each other and without saying anything, both knew this wasn’t our pup. Still, it was hard to say bye to the little ball of cozy!

We clearly did a lot of hiking in Zion, but we can’t get enough of nature. To the Rocky Mountains we went! We hiked to Alberta Falls and it was beautiful, but small; there was no way we were stopping there. We kept on the trail that passes through Loch Vale, which is a serene and quiet area, like the most incredible rest stop you’ve ever seen. Then it started to rain.

At this point we were probably over 2 hours in and it was only getting colder with the rise in elevation. Did you notice the shorts I wore…so did my legs. They hated me for it. The rise in elevation actually made me extremely light-headed, so once we got to Timberline Falls, I sat and waited for Michael as he climbed over a 100ft. waterfall to get to the Lake of Glass. Michael always pushes himself, in the best ways. He likes to go where no man has gone before. And he does, and he always has stories to tell and people to inspire. I thought a lot about that sitting at the bottom of that waterfall not knowing what lay on top. I love my adventure man.

We hiked back, and though cold and nauseous, I did my best to keep a smile on my face and keep chugging’ along. Michael, the angel he is, gave me the pants right off his legs. He had shorts on, relax!

What a day. I would redo that day a million times over before doing what we did the following day. This…this was number three. The thing I wouldn’t recommend. BUT Michael would! Actually, writing this a year later, my mentality toward that event has changed substantially.


So much so, that it warrants its own post. Is that considered click bait? I don’t know, but if it is, you’ll actually enjoy what you find! I promise! See ya then!


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