November 27, 2017

No. 8

We added Gunner to the family about a month before Number 8, and we needed him to know exactly what kind of family he’d gotten himself into! Start ’em young, right? So we packed the car and were off for our longest road trip to-date.

Waterfalls and whiskey. That’s how I would describe our time in Portland. That’s how I’d prefer to describe most of our vacations.

We were so excited to go from sunny San Diego to partially snowy Portland. When they say that the weather is consistently blue skies and hot days in San Diego, they mean it. I can see why people want to move here, but I’ve lived here my whole life and could stand to see some clouds and rain and SNOW!

Our first morning there we had to go to Multnomah Falls; its a must-see when you’re in Portland. Gunner was ecstatic seeing snow for the first time. One of his go-to treats at home is ice, and the ground was covered with it. So it was like he was getting rewarded with goodies all day long.

The waterfall was gorgeous! Apparently, Gunner was even more captivating, though, as people paid more attention to him than the massive presentation in front of them. We climbed up the extremely slippery pass to get closer access to the waterfall. Closer access means better photos. We captured some of these beauties.


































On our way out, we ran into some of our friends from back home. See? San Diegans want the cold; they crave it!

Later that evening we went to the ever-famous Multnomah Whiskey Library. I can’t tell if I liked this or the actual waterfall better. We suggest that if you want to be seated in the Library at 9:00, stop by at 7:00 and put your name on the list. That’s what we, unknowingly, ended up doing. At least we got to try some incredible sushi before participating in some delicious libations.

After receiving the call that a table was ready, we walked with haste to the Library where we were escorted up the stairs and through a mystery door that led to the incredible, Gatsby-style clubhouse. It was as if every step closer to the door was a step further back in time. The walls were lined with over a thousand varieties of whiskey. There were ladders that help the bartenders get to their bottle of choice easier…or at least in a more entertaining manner. We don’t have any photos because we kept the camera at home so we could just enjoy the night and each other. We were glad we did, otherwise we would have been “that guy” taking photos in a classy establishment. No, thanks.


We dedicated the next day to Wahclella Falls. This was only about 45 minutes outside of Portland and well worth the drive. The hike itself is about 2 miles roundtrip and very easy! As we got closer to the end of the hike, we crossed a bridge and could already feel the crazy force of the powerful waterfall. I couldn’t really compare it to Multnomah, and I didn’t want to. They were both fascinating in their own way.

















We had to climb to the perfect spot to get that perfect shot. No matter how cold my nose was or how much my hair got soaked, he made me stay there with Gunner until he got a great one! We’ll let you be the judge.

It was a short trip but we couldn’t leave until we went to Fried Eggs I’m in Love. Guys. I fell in love with Michael and then I fell in love with this food truck. Well, the food in the truck. Good Lord, Almighty! The BEST breakfast sandwiches I have ever had in my entire life. If you go to Portland and only do one thing, go to Fried Eggs I’m in love. I’m literally salivating typing this. I should go. It’s overwhelming.


Normally we’d be heading South back to San Diego, but we made a pit-stop that was entirely out of the way. Let’s welcome Washington to the pack. Number 9…see ya there!

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