November 29, 2017

No. 9

We both agreed 18 hours wasn’t enough of a road trip so we hopped back in and drove another 3 up North to a city called Duvall that’s just outside of Seattle. Our good friends had recently moved from San Diego to this glorious snow-globe of a city and Portland was too close not to make the trip up. Plus they have the most adorable kids in all the land!

Our initial Number 9 was meant to be Seattle, but we actually didn’t see the city at all. We didn’t complain though, we fell in love with everything we saw!

Our first day we hopped on the much-colder-than-anticipated ferry and sailed off to Orcas Island. Holy wow! This island is absolutely stunning.

Orcas Island has an adorable, quaint town that we explored until we drove up into the mountains. After a short drive, we parked and went for an easy hike around the lake. We had Gunner with us too, and actually let him off leash for the first time ever…big mistake! He had this look in his eye. I swear he moved just his pupils to see if he truly had nothing restraining his freedom, and BAM! Off he ran as fast as he could. Fortunately he kept running back and forth until one of us finally got ahold of him. Wouldn’t be doing that again anytime soon.

Also, give us a break. We have the world’s most adorable dog so for awhile all of our photos might be of the landscape but it will be blurry and our dog will be in focus. Deal with it.






Back on the ferry we went to drive home, to play darts and crash hard. I don’t think anyone would have guessed that the next day would leave me in tears.

Cle Elum. One of the most blindingly beautiful places I have ever seen. Its about an hour and a half drive east. As we were driving, the trees that were lightly dusted seemed to have been suddenly painted with snow.

I’ve never seen snow like this before and my tear ducts must have been in full affect that day, because the tears did flow. Nothing but snow…as far as the eye could see. Incredible! Most of you are probably like, “what? Has she never seen snow before?” I have. I lived in it for one season but I haven’t seen it like that before. Plus, I’m a San Diego native. Snow is like magic to us.

I remember the very first time I saw a snowflake. It was the winter of 2007, and up until this point I had no idea snowflakes were actually real. I knew snow fell from the sky, but I always assumed it was tiny balls of frozen water. Do I sound anything like Pumba to you right now? “Balls of gas burning millions of miles away.” I digress. I had seen the pretty pictures of snowflakes in coloring books and never thought much of it.

One day it started to snow and I immediately ran outside with so much excitement just to see snow fall. Then I caught a snowflake on my mitten.  A snowflake; a real snowflake with its intricate design and unique pattern. And wouldn’t ya know? My tear ducts were in full affect that day too. As soon as I cleared my eyes, I attempted to do the same with my thoughts. Why did this weightless masterpiece hit me so heavily? God literally put so much thought into something that evaporates in seconds. He plans its design through weather patterns in the air. Did you know about a million billion snowflakes fall each second averaged over a typical year? I did, thanks Google. That’s a million billion designs every single second. How creative and perfectly meticulous is our God. In that moment, if there was any fraction of doubt that God existed, it disappeared just as quickly as that snowflake.

Such an incredible day to end our stay.

Would I come back to vacation in Duvall? No. I would come back here to live.


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