December 6, 2017

No. 10

Since I know you’re reading this in chronological order and wouldn’t dream of skipping ahead, you’ll remember when I mentioned in 7.5  that Michael was now doing what he had only dreamed of doing. He had been traveling all over with The Cheat Codes, an electronic music DJ trio. It just so happened that they would be filming with Jimmy Fallon in New York on our anniversary. When they asked Michael if he would be able to make it out, the amazing husband that he is, responded with, “It’s our anniversary that weekend, so I don’t think so.” To which they responded, “Bring her along, we’ll cover your hotel costs as an anniversary gift.”

Thus, we have Number 10.

I’m not the biggest fan of cities or city-life, but I will probably never turn down a free stay in a rad hotel to be with my super foxy husband. We were staying in this elegant boutique hotel called the Archer Hotel. Our room wasn’t ready upon arrival, but once they found out it was our anniversary, they upgraded us to an available room on the top floor with an amazing view of the Empire State Building. I mean, look at this.

And one more, at night, for good measure.

New York was trying to win me over, and she was doing a good job. Michael was filming for a majority of this trip, but we still managed to see some of what the city had to offer. We went to a highly recommended Japanese Ramen Restaurant called Ippudo, and now we highly recommend it as well. We ordered almost everything off the menu and were not disappointed. Much like New York, ramen was starting to make its way into my heart.









New York is often referred to as the city that never sleeps. This tourist is routinely and religiously in bed by 10:00pm, so we weren’t off to a good start. Michael is a lover of sleeping in and so he enjoys the nightlife. He challenged my ’10:00pm’ and raised me ‘a midnight’. He took me to Times Square after our delectable, and past-my-bedtime meal. If there’s one thing I truly loved about the city, it was the quick walks from location to location. A quick 8 minutes and BAM – bright lights and the big city!

It was as if all the LED screens yelled at me with their bold colors and blinding glares to “wake up!” as I took it all in. Okay, okay…New York was kind of cool. 

After another quick walk back to the hotel, we settled in and got some rest before another day of adventure. In the morning we took the subway to Central Park. I had seen enough of the concrete jungle. I needed some greenery to help balance out my axis. It was bigger and more beautiful than I had imagined. Just like in the movies, there were musicians, artists and bubble blower enthusiasts around every corner. 

Walking around this massive park sure does work up an appetite. We hopped back on the subway to Gansevoort Market for lunch. I’m sure I’ve mentioned at some point how indecisive we are. This market was incredible, but not for those who sweat when confronted with too many options. There are so many choices to pick from here. I settled for pizza, but Michael was barely satisfied with two slices. With a rumble in his stomach and a gleam in his eye, Michael said, “Chick’nCone.” Chicken and waffles in a cone, people. He will never be the same again.

Last thing I want to mention before closing the book on big cities; Via Carota. We had dinner on our last night here and it was fantastic. We loved the restaurant, the drinks, the food. All of it. If you happen to go, which you should, get the Coniglio Fritto; the fried rabbit drenched in rosemary and garlic was unlike anything I’ve tasted before.

On that tasty note, I will leave you.

Until next time,

we’ll be in the same state, with an entirely different experience!

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