January 16, 2018

No. 12.5

Those of you who travel know how wonderful and life-changing it can be. Those of you who travel also know how difficult and challenging it can be. Listen, I absolutely love having the opportunity to experience the world and all its beauty with the love of my life. And sure, our pictures are adorable and seemingly perfect (because duh, Michael’s brilliant), but our experiences and conversations aren’t always “like-worthy.”

For instance, we got a Jeep during our stay in Kauai. “A free upgrade” they said. “You’ll love it for the adventure,” they said. Kauai is known for its beauty and luscious greenery. We can attribute that to its spontaneous downpours. Because of the uncertainty of the weather I told Michael after his multiple requests that it probably wasn’t a great idea to remove the doors and the roof of the Jeep. No matter how many reasons he listed why it was a must, I always said no…until I said yes. He flew out the door and down the stairs. He was so happy, how could I be upset?! This. This is how I could be upset! It wasn’t raining, noooo, it was crazy hot! AND there was traffic; loads and loads of stopped traffic. Let’s add this up; no roof, super hot, halted traffic. Did your calculator read “unhappy wife” too? “Babe, we’re in Kauai! We have to!” he said “It’ll be so much fun,” he said.

That was still nothing compared to our “hike from hell.” Michael and I love hiking. Michael also loves doing what few or no people have done before. We set out early with the intention of hiking about 3 miles to a waterfall that some friends had told us about.

Just a couple of happy kids with a view that wont quit! We get about a mile in where the trail splits; we can go to the waterfall that our friends told us about or we can not do that and have great content for this blog. We marched on for about another 2 miles until, surely, this would be the place we turned around. Oh, what was that? Did you ask if we met really friendly people who offered to take our picture and tell us about a waterfall just a few miles up the trail thats super epic?

Yes. We did.

Did my frown turn a little upside down when I heard Michael try to convince me of another super great idea?


Like I said earlier, I love hiking…when I am prepared for it. We prepared for a 3 mile hike, if that. We had two oranges that had gone bad, two clif bars and three bottles of water. If my calculations are correct here, that equals…nowhere near enough. But still, we went on. The girls mentioned that it was about 3 miles up the trail to get to the waterfall. Lucky for us, they had these adorable little mile markers that told us how far we had gone.

Wait a minute…that doesn’t look like a 3 at all.

Hold on. That doesn’t look like a 3 either. And wheres that waterfall?! Nowhere to be found. Seriously, this is Michael looking for it. 

Michael felt so bad for taking me this far to not even find the waterfall. At this point we were about 8 miles in. Its extremely important to note here just how amazing Michael was throughout our trek to nowhere. While I was being unordinarily quiet, my attitude was screaming profanities. At one point I looked over the steep cliff below me and wondered if jumping off would actually be less painful.

We ran into this very sweet Swedish couple who I loved until they opened their mouth, “Oh I think the waterfall is just up the way here.” As they walked away, Michael looks at me and says, “babe, we didn’t come this far to only come this far.” And if you recall, back in Colorado, I didn’t go to the very end of our hike like Michael did. I swore I wouldn’t do that again. So I quietly put my shoes back on and started walking. About another mile later, cue all the songs from the epic scenes in the great movies…and then play that screeching record sound. We had arrived, but what we arrived to wasn’t what we were expecting.

Where the heck was the flipping’ waterfall!!? After this extremely disappointing reveal, we sat down and ate half of our last Clif bar. After all, we did have another 8 miles to hike back. Michael swam for a few minutes before we had to start heading back or else we’d be hiking in the dark. We were both pretty quiet for a majority of that walk. We weren’t allowed to say how hungry or thirsty we were. I wasn’t allowed to check my phone to see how many more miles we had. And he definitely wasn’t allowed to take anymore photos of me.

Nearly 12 hours of hiking, and 17 miles later, we rounded our final corner. With tears in our eyes and a pep in our step, we finally got to the Jeep. The most important thing to do next was get food. The next most important thing was to figure out how to get our legs to work so we can get out of the Jeep to get the food. I’m absolutely certain we looked like a bunch of newborn giraffes.

The moral of the story here is to make sure your spouse’s love  is unconditional before taking them on an adventure like that. Kidding…kinda. Honestly, I’m just really proud of us for accomplishing that. And now we have a killer story and that fun fact of hiking for 17 miles. Ya know, in case we ever felt like one-upping someones “I hiked 9 miles in one day” story.

Side note – Don’t drink the water on the trails. BUT the yellow fruits are delicious and edible…we didn’t find that out until about 14 miles in.


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