January 19, 2018

Trying is Progression. Noted.

Never get a roommate!


Nahh. The only issue we’ve had so far was her taking too long to make a move in Rummikub. We let it slide. Plus, look how cute we are.

Onto the real lesson learned this week. We went out to dinner with two of our favorite people on the planet. We had planned on going bowling, but it was league night. Wednesday night at Bowlero is League Night. Noted. Instead we opted for dinner at a local favorite, Urge.

We had the typical “what’s been going on”, “hows work” and “do aliens exist” conversations. Ya know, the norm. There was actually one thing that was said that was close to being this week’s Noted, but perhaps I’ll cover that a different day. Remind me.

It was actually after we parted ways when I got a text from my friend that said, “You looked real fit girl, whatever you are doing is working!” This, in no way, is going to be a post about how fit my body is. It’ll actually be a post about how unfit my mind is to even see what she was talking about.

I’ve been working out fairly consistently, minus vacations (duh), for about a year now. Sure, I’ve seen subtle differences, but not enough to text myself saying “dang, girl.” I’ve heard that when you work out, other people will notice it more than you will because they don’t see you as often as you see yourself. Yes, I too, am one of those who expects my six pack immediately after a quick workout. And by saying “no” to a donut, I should get an ab as extra credit.

On this new healthy lifestyle journey, I’ve learned that though you might not see the progress happen as quickly as you’d like, progress is happening. In case you don’t see it, others do. One of the challenges I focused on last year was to create a healthier and more positive mentality toward life in general. It was so easy for me to see things glass-half-empty and I would let everyone in any sort of proximity to me know it. After consciously taking the effort to change my initial thought of cynicism, I would start to see a change in behavior. But as soon as I would have a negative thought, I’d reprimand myself for retreating to old tendencies. I remember a friend telling me that she had noticed a massive improvement in the way I handled or even looked at situations. She saw the progress I was making and didn’t tally the mistakes like I did.

The point is whatever you’re working on, if you keep¬†working at it, there’s no way you aren’t improving. If you keep making mistakes, you’re learning what not to do, which is a form of, let’s say it together…PROGRESS! If you’re looking in just one place (my love handles) and not seeing much change, try focusing on the bigger picture (I’m getting stronger and my overall attitude has a lift too). Apply this however you see fit.


And if you want to see more, do more. Challenge yourself. As long as you keep trying, you’re progressing.



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