February 10, 2018

Any age, best age. Noted.

Since as long as I can remember, I have always really looked forward to turning 30. It seemed like such an idyllic age. All the thirty-somethings seemed to have it figured out. I mean, at least that’s what they portrayed in the movies. They’d start out a mess and an hour and a half later, BAM, a princess or at the very least, wearing a fancy gown while Richard Gere attempts to break off a couple fingers with a velvet jewelry box. The LIFE!

2018 marks that magic year where 30 and reality will smack me in the face. I swear once this year hit, I became very aware of my age. I’m not sure if its because as a nanny, I’m almost 3 decades older than those kiddos, or working in retail, I’m pretty much ten years older than everyone there too. And now we have a roommate who I use the phrase “well, when I was your age,” with way too often.

I’m not writing this with a mentality of “I’m turning 3o and I’m freaking out.” Though, my makeup doesn’t lay on my face like it used to and that really is what sparked this week’s Noted. I’ve been extremely aware of the wrinkles hugging my eyes lately, and honestly, I’ve been a little self-conscious of them too. But I’m making my 29 years of age sound like I’m way “over the hill” and over the one beyond that too. But I am learning to be grateful for where I’m at. I might start seeing wrinkles, but I can attribute that to a life lived well so far. Let’s see how deep I can get those wrinkles! Nah, maybe just deep metaphoric wrinkles.

In July I turn 30, and I’m not freaking out. I’m also not becoming a princess, but those are just details. I’m writing this because I’m not 30, I’m 29. There is no rush to get to 30, and there shouldn’t be either. So much is happening with this year, and time spent wondering how I am going to do next year will take away from what’s happening today.

[My niece and Grandma – Wonder and Wisdom make quite the pair]

There is something golden about every year lived; whether it’s 12, 31 or 89, there will be a lesson learned in every single one of them. And every single lesson learned can be a lesson taught. Don’t think that a kid can’t teach you lessons on how to dream bigger; their “why not?” mentality will trump your logic every time. A silver-haired, oldie-but-goodie has more stories under their belt than you could ever imagine. You can always learn. And you can always teach.

Don’t wish you were older so you can play with the big kids or drink your first beer. Your age is golden. Don’t yearn for year’s past so you can relive the glory days. There is so much more to come. Your age is golden.


I’ll leave you with this quote I came by this past week:

“I hope you aren’t held back because of a number. And that you don’t rush into things because it feels like time is slipping by. I hope you do what’s right for you. Hold on. Slow down. And breathe in. Your age is your age. But more importantly, your life is your life. Don’t change your journey so that it matches someone else’s. We need to walk different paths so the whole world can be explored. Revel in the differences. And enjoy where you are, in this moment.”






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