February 25, 2018

Wake up. Noted.

Something has been hitting me pretty hard lately…

I don’t know it all.

Ground-breaking, life-changing stuff, huh? I never actually thought I did, but lately I’ve been realizing how stuck in my ways I was…am. Currently working on that.

There were so many conversations I’d have or posts I’d see or thoughts about whatever that would make me scoff at the utter ridiculousness of them. Simply because they differed from my thoughts or opinions.

How freakin’ naive. Seriously obnoxious.

I think it actually clicked back when I mentioned back in my third Noted (which I know you’ve read) how there was an idea for a Noted but I would save it for a later date. I asked you to remind me. Some of you have. So thank you.

I also mentioned a conversation we had discussing the existence of aliens. This was one of those times that I scoffed. Because I actually believed that my thought toward the subject was solid, was the only truth, was fact.

Fast fact. I have absolutely no idea whether aliens exist or not. They totally could and we could be their Truman Show. And they are applauding as I’m writing this because I am finally believing they actually exist. What a good day for them. A truly pivotal moment in the show, I’m sure.

This applies to anything. What kind of food I should be eating and how much of it. How our President is doing in office. Church. How I train our dog. We’ve used one specific collar because one trainer told us once that this was the only collar we would need. Recently on the beach someone mentioned using a different type of collar and my first thought was a very quick “don’t tell me how to raise my kid…dog. My dog.” Since I’ve been practicing this new open-mindedness thing, I actually took what they thought into consideration. After all, they did have an 11 year-old Golden Retriever, so they must know a thing or two.

By no means am I saying, keep your mind soooo open that everything falls out and anything goes in. I am a believer in sticking to what is your true north and creating a world within the boundaries of what you know are truths, for you, personally.

For me, personally, God and His Word will always be my guiding light. The light in which I will use to shine on decisions, choices and thoughts.

But please, remove your badge of pride and take what people say into consideration. It could lead to a better trained dog. A healthier lifestyle. A better understanding of how to pray for our country and it’s leader. A closer relationship with Jesus.

A lot of our opinions are formed because of what we were told was right from people who thought their opinion was solid, was the only truth, was fact. Figure out your opinions because you’ve taken the time to ask questions, listen to varying thoughts or actually done your research. Sometimes it opens your mind to a new idea or it’ll plant you further into the assurance of your initial thought.

I’ll leave you with this rad quote on my “You are a Badass” calendar (thank you Hannah!!!)



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