March 10, 2018

That’s a wrap. Noted.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Yesterday was a day of firsts for me. I learned a lot about myself by trying these new things.

My wonderful, beautiful, looks-younger-than-me Mother-in-Law decided to take me out and spoil me for a day.

But seriously. Look at her.

She’s so gracious and thoughtful. After seeing that I had been working super hard lately and knowing her son, my husband, was going to be gone for the month of March, she wanted me to enjoy a day of relaxation at the spa. But first…


I’ve played around with archery at my dad’s property before but never have I been to a range and gotten coached by an Olympic archer. Can I brag for a second and say that I did really well? Guys, I did really well! I can’t tell if I enjoyed it so much because, in the Olympian’s words, I was a “natural.” Manna did amazing too! I think we’ll probably end up doing doubles in 2020 Olympics.

Had she never taken me there I would have had no idea how much I would love archery. Now I can see this becoming a hobby of mine. And I am fully prepared for all the Katniss, Daryl, Merida and Legolas references. Besides being a skilled archer, they all had one thing in common…being seriously badass. Sign me up.















In case you didn’t know, I made my debut in a promotional video for a women’s conference with the theme of ‘Brave’. I ran and ran throughout the whole video with my trusty bow in hand and my swivel of arrows laid across my back. Never shot them once. Not once. I was such a fraud back then. Now I’m a pro, hitting that bullseye every 7th-17th try. Sweet.

After signing up for the Olympics, us athletes needed a hearty meal before heading to the spa. She had signed each of us up for one hour long massage and one wrap. Hello! Amazing!!

I’d actually never had a wrap but hearing all about the benefits of it, how could I say no? It detoxifies your skin and helps minimize the look of stretch marks and cellulite, people!!

The massage was life. My heaven-sent masseuse pointed out all the knots in my back, hands and legs which obviously means…

Get more massages, and get less knots. Noted.

That wrap…was not life. I actually felt like Neo in the Matrix when he wakes up in that gooey liquid womb thing. I kept having to re-focus my attention on anything else but the fact that I was not able to move my arms or legs any further than a few inches. Even if I did move, I would be reminded that it was as if it was the hottest day of summer and my sweaty body was sliding all over the leather seats of a very old car. While this was replaying in my mind over and over, I was getting a scalp massage. A scalp massage! The best thing since an extremely satisfying sneeze.

But I couldn’t even enjoy it!

I eventually broke down and asked how much longer I’d be mummified alive to which she replied, “20 minutes.” Nope. Couldn’t do it. She unwrapped the heated blanket but kept the sweaty carseat plastic draped over my body.

Finally, it was over.

Afterward I kept feeling my skin, noticing the firmness and wondered if I should consider doing wraps again. After writing this and re-living it, there is no way.

All that to say, I am so glad I tried it. I have always been curious and now I know.

Archery. Yes. Massages. YAAASS. Wraps. Hard no.



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