April 7, 2018

Proud. Noted.

Yesterday was a big day. It marked my last day of nannying…ever.

I’ve nannied for multiple families over the past 8 years. 5 families to be exact.

Fun fact; I’m actually not crazy about kids. I’m good with them and I can keep them alive, but I’ll be way more excited to see your dog than your kid.

“So why nanny for so long?” you might ask. I mean, I asked all the time. Honestly, because it was easy and I was all sorts of cozy in that zone of comfort.

In the spirit of honesty, I’m not really sure where this post is going. But hop on in and we’ll figure it out as we go.

Noted…that’s why you’re here. So what was my big “ah-ha” from all of my years as a nanny? My biggest takeaway? There’s no way that it was just 8 years of nothing to write about, right?

Did you know the entire time I nannied I was embarrassed to say that that’s what I was doing with my life? How sad. 8 years of not being proud of what I did for a living.

This last family I worked for I absolutely love. I actually nannied for the little boy’s sister when she was a baby 5 years ago. The story is actually pretty nuts how it all worked out for me to nanny for their next kid. I’ll have to tell you about it sometime. Anyway, Boogie Woogie, that’s his nickname; I never really asked why. Lots of boogers? Heck of a dancer? Who knows! He got really gnarly separation anxiety and it lasted for months. As soon as he’d see me walk through the door he’d scream and cry, that is, until he learned how to talk. Then he would see me, run to his mom, scream, cry and yell “MAMA!” Not the best way for anyone to start their day.

I remember feeling so defeated every day I’d walk into their house, until one day I decided enough is enough. I thought “this doesn’t have to be like this every day until my last day here.” I actually had it written in my goals “Boogie Woogie will smile when he sees me.” Pathetic? Maybe.

And here’s the thing, he would only cry until she shut the door and drove away. Then he’d be the happiest little camper ever (most days). It was just that initial look of terror; no one likes to be looked at like that. Those were not feel-good moments for me. From that point on, I became Mary freakin’ Poppins. I sang, danced, and pulled out every obnoxious trick in my hat to get this kid to laugh non-stop…all day…until the next time he would see me. As time went on it absolutely got better, sometimes he’d even willingly reach out to me from out of mom’s arms. WHICH WAS A HUGE DEAL! During my final weeks there he would come running to me smiling so big with his arms wide open. Throughout the day he would do his little drunk walk toward me and tilt his chubby lil’ face down to reveal his forehead so I would kiss it.

Now whenever I say, “I love you,” he puts his hand over his mouth and moves it away so dramatically and says “mwahhh,” to blow me a kiss. Sucker. I won him over.

Wait. I miss that. I miss him and the whole family. Crap. He won me over.

I like kids?


There’s definitely more to ‘note’ considering it was 8 years of my life. It’s such a bummer that I wasted those 8 years…NOT being proud of the fact that I was a nanny. I was a nanny, and a dang good one. Families trusted me with their children. They allowed me to be part of some of the most moldable years of their kids’ lives.

PLUS I got excellent practice and when the time comes, I will rock the mom game!

I kind of like kids…and I was an incredible nanny.



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