April 14, 2018

PIF. Noted.

A few days ago my boss told me about an encounter she had while she was at a restaurant. She was saying that while her and her husband were eating dinner she noticed a cute couple across the way that were also enjoying a meal. That is, everyone was trying to enjoy a meal. If it weren’t for the table with the children and the loud iPads I’m sure it would have been a perfectly normal and nice outing.

She said she could have sworn the iPads must have been at the highest volume possible which means the carelessness of the parents was at an all time high as well. No one wants to hear kids games or movies at any volume when at a restaurant. I just never really want to hear kids in general…might be because I’m officially no longer a nanny…I digress.

Eventually someone asked the server to ask the family to turn their iPad down seeing as how it was disrupting everyone’s evening including the adorable couple that my boss had seen. They turned it down for a bit, and within minutes the volume was back up. She said she felt so bad that this was such an obnoxious encounter for that couple’s date so she turned to her husband and said that she wanted to pay for their meal. So they did. Oh my gosh, generous alert!

That alone is so sweet, but it was the thought behind it. While she was explaining this to me, she said something so beautiful…she didn’t want them to walk away from there with the thought of loud kids and interrupted conversation; she wanted them to walk away from that night thinking, “Wow! Someone paid for our meal!”

That the couple could have walked away from date night with the sour taste of bad parenting in their mouths but instead left with a sweet memory. My boss did that. She literally changed the outcome of an evening because of generosity.

What’s so crazy is that she was given $20 out of nowhere a few days later while she was in line getting a sandwich because someone else was paying it forward.


I love the act of paying it forward, I love the idea behind it, and I love that when I hear her story it makes me want to go out and do the same thing.

Let’s make generosity go viral.  Not because it makes you feel good, but because it makes someone else’s day or week or year!  You have the ability to change the outcome of someone’s experience with generosity. The beauty in paying it forward is that the intention is not to get anything in return. The idea is to keep the giving going.

Try it this next week! We can PIF it up. No? Just Pay it forward. Yea, do that! I can’t wait to hear all your stories!! Maybe you’ll be my next Noted.

PIF also stands for The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia.


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