April 21, 2018

Change is necessary. Noted.

A friend said to me this week, “dang girl, your life takes massive turns really fast and really often.”

I’m a thrill seeker, a lover of change and a huge fan of Dole Whip. Hmm one of these things is not like the other.

Moving on.

I had a rather serendipitous week. It started with my husband leaving me cute love notes by my coffee corner asking me to wake him up so we can enjoy our coffees together before I leave for work. Adorable. I grew attached to our morning coffee dates at our backyard table quickly. I remember realizing that I had to leave soon to be to work on time, and just as soon as that thought walked into my head another came with it, “I’d love to make my own schedule and be in a place where I can work from anywhere and not have to be anywhere at any certain time.” The dream, right?

At work that same day, a fellow employee found out that I was turning Purty Thirty this year. While she was flabbergasted, I was flattered. Until…she said “Oh my gosh, you’re ten years old than I am!” That in itself wasn’t bad. Until…”Wow, I want to be where you are in ten years.”

I can’t explain the flood of emotion that overwhelmed every part of my soul in that moment. Let me say this now just in case I upset anyone who is a Manager of a clothing store, or an employee at a clothing store at the age of 30+; it is totally fine if that is your situation. I fully believe people can be doing big things in “small” places.

For me, it wasn’t fine. I’ve always wanted to be doing big things in “big” places. Traveling the world, speaking to crowds of women, running my own business, writing books…all of it! As a teenager I always thought the biggest compliment would always be from a mom saying, “I want my daughter to be just like you when they grow up.” So when I heard “I want to be where you are in ten years,” it hurt my heart. It wrecked me. Twenty year-old me wouldn’t have wanted Thirty year-old me to be where I am.

Cue Serendipity.

Serendipity came in the form of another job opportunity, one with my family, actually! A job where I have freedom to be creative, to write, to help women and to work from wherever I want. If that doesn’t spell “Kayli,” then I don’t know what does.

I took a few days to think about it, which basically meant, I took a few days to work up enough courage to tell my current boss and work family. For a couple days, I actually thought about staying in my current position just because it was the nice thing to do. Then I put my big girl pants on and realized that we have one life to live on this earth. Time is so important. You are so important. What you bring to this planet is so important.

If, at this time in your life, the best way for you to make an impact is to work retail, or own a boutique, or bake cakes, or be a mom, or design homes, or blog, or be a motivational speaker…do it! With everything in you! Make the decision to be a great influence in this world, even if it means having uncomfortable conversations first in order to go after it. It’s worth it. You have to.










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