May 26, 2018

Iceland. Noted.

Oh my word. Has it been awhile or what?!

I missed you guys too.

If you didn’t know or haven’t seen the massive influx of insanely beautiful photos on my Instagram, I recently went on a trip to Iceland! Well, not just “I”…and not even just “us.”  Two of us and two of our good friends.

Meet Dave and Corinne. We love them. You should too.


This is number 14 of our Thirty or 30 journey, but this isn’t one of those posts; don’t get it twisted. In honor of it being number 14 though, I wanted to give 14 things that I Noted on this trip through Iceland.


1. When traveling with anyone make sure it’s a good fit.

Trips can make or break friendships; especially long trips where you sleep in confined spaces. Fortunately, our friendship only became more awesome. We had a few discussions before even planning this vacation about whether we would travel well together. We all raised our own concerns and thoughts we had that might be an issue on our trip before our trip. Even if it gets uncomfortable, I would highly advise this too. I honestly believe having those talks helped us understand each other better and allowed for an extremely easy, fun, kickass vacation together.  

2. Renting a Campervan was the WAY TO GO!

We rented a campervan from Go Campers and we couldn’t have been happier with that decision. You can cook ramen, eat too many snacks, sleep in perfect warm temperatures, edit insane photos and videos, play epic games of Mario Kart and wake up to a waterfall within walking distance. We got to travel the entire island thanks to our Go Camper. 

3. Vacations are expensive.

Everyone will warn you about how pricey everything is in Iceland, but we actually came in under budget. BUT if you plan and budget well, those prices won’t come as such a big surprise. If you do plan accordingly, buying those $17USD hot dogs (see below) won’t be such a punch in the gut. Plus you’ll be able to enjoy your trip and not stress over every purchase. Also coming in under budget allowed for a baller last meal at Fishmarket

4. Gas station hot dogs are a must 

Crispy onions, unknown condiments, bacon-wrapped lamb-y goodness. Worth every penny.

5. I don’t want to move to Washington

I don’t like being cold. I established this during Iceland. Granted, I was standing out in crazy winds, getting soaked by waterfalls in 30° weather wearing nothing but a dress that almost invited the freezing temperatures in. Besides that though, I found that being that cold made me want to be inside a lot more. I wasn’t enjoying myself as much as I wanted to. Recently I had been telling Michael how wonderful it would be to move to Washington, but isn’t it ironic that Iceland made me fall in love with San Diego again? You win this round, Michael. 

6. My Sorel Boots were a Godsend

I had beautiful booties. Wow.

My Sorel’s were comfortable, warm and waterproof. If you click “Sorel” those were the exact boots I wore. Get thick, cozy socks,  fleece-lined leggings, and layer up! In between those dress shots, I would put my boots back on to give me a little extra warmth and they always did the trick! I didn’t even have to “wear them in,” they were comfortable right out of the box.

7. My dad loves me and always has

Whoa. Heavy.

I’m so thankful for all the conversations we shared on this trip, but one in particular between Corinne and myself. During one of our longer drives, we got a chance to talk about how similar our dads are. I’m not totally certain we aren’t actually sisters. We’d talked about not having the ideal relationship that some girls get the pleasure of having with their fathers, but just because it wasn’t Full House doesn’t mean our dads didn’t show love. They showed it how they learned it, and they gave it the only way they knew how; typically through money and security. Didn’t get a lot of “I love you,” but he always made sure we had $20 to buy a burger. 

8. I don’t like a lot of things

I’ve discovered lately that people know more of what I “can’t stand” than what I really love. I want to change this. Friends, I love mini jawbreakers (the itty bitty chewy ones).  I live for good pool parties. I don’t think I need to say how much I love my dog.  I like a good whiskey sour. I appreciate well-decorated homes. No matter how full I am, I will always eat french fries. 

9. It’s alright to get naked 

In Iceland, they have hot springs, hot baths and secret lagoons. All of which you need to shower before getting into. Thoroughly. Shower while being naked. Thoroughly. In front of a bunch of other women. Corinne had to give me a pep talk after telling her how nervous I was to take it all off. Ya know what? Liberating. So liberating. This is why I love traveling. Not because of nudity, but because you get to experience their cultural norms. It opens your mind, and makes you question what you deemed as “normal” your whole life. In Europe, the body is nothing to be ashamed of, but everything to be celebrated. Not that people were clapping as I was showering…but that would have been welcomed. 

10. I need to be more patient 

I don’t always see the world the way Michael does, and its a shame. He captures beauty day in and day out. I read a quote today that said “If you love nature, you see beauty in everything.” Michael does this. He takes it all in, and he wants to make sure he captures it as perfectly as possible so others can share in the feeling of those moments with him. I can’t take that away from him or from anyone who gets the privilege of seeing what he creates. 

11.Tritlar, though delicious, did not do me any favors

Have you read these Gummy Bear Reviews on Amazon? I’ll just leave that right there.

12. I really like horses

I knew I liked horses, but I didn’t know I looooved them. The Icelandic Horses are worth the trip alone. Anytime we saw horses  that were close enough to touch, we pulled over immediately. They’re just the furriest, cutest things you ever did see.

Besides Gunner.

13.Stop taking the world for granted 

This goes hand-in-hand with #10. I would find myself looking at the breathtaking scenery and give it a solid nod, then be ready to head back to the van where it was warm. And so I could sit. Did you even see the pictures?! They deserve a lifetime of stares. A million gasps in awe. God made that. He didn’t have to, but He did. Not for His enjoyment, but for ours. How dare we not stop and stare in its splendor. Wherever you’re at, trying really appreciating your city again. Look at the sunset with “new” eyes. Take in the lights of the cityscape. Watch the rhythm of the waves. See the world how God intended you to see it when He created it.   

14. Dave and Corinne are inspirational

Surround yourself with people that make you want to be better. They do this. We got to talk about things that friends usually shy away from. It challenged us and inspired us. Make sure you have those people in your world who you can play Mario Kart with but still talk about whats important. So thankful for friends that have turned into family!



Takk. Noted.

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