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  • Since as long as I can remember, I have always really looked forward to turning 30. It seemed like such an idyllic age. All the thirty-somethings seemed to have it figured out. I mean, at least that’s what they portrayed in the movies. They’d start out a mess and an hour

  • I am so excited to share this week’s Noted with you! I’ve been holding onto this one ALL YEAR! As soon as I started my new, amazing job, one of my bosses told me about this concept that she believes in wholeheartedly. She had recently moved from a massive house with so

  • Never get a roommate! Noted. Nahh. The only issue we’ve had so far was her taking too long to make a move in Rummikub. We let it slide. Plus, look how cute we are. Onto the real lesson learned this week. We went out to dinner with two of our favorite people on the planet. We had

  • Those of you who travel know how wonderful and life-changing it can be. Those of you who travel also know how difficult and challenging it can be. Listen, I absolutely love having the opportunity to experience the world and all its beauty with the love of my life. And sure, our

  • I have so many friends who are obnoxiously generous. Any opportunity that they can give, they usually do. Whether its time, money, resources, gifts, the last donut…anything. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the most selfless person, or even close to it. And if I

  • I recently started a new job at this adorable clothing boutique called Liv3. Pronounced “live.” Not live three. Live. Common misconception. Starting a new job can be a little daunting, especially when you haven’t worked retail in probably close to ten years. Ten? I

  • If you’re coming from my previous post, then you’re here to find out Number 3. The third thing that I would recommend not to do. Writing this a year later, I also said that my mind toward all of this has changed substantially. I’m a woman, I’m allowed to change

  • I don’t know you, but I can tell we already have something in common. You’ve once had to create something from nothing. You started a new adventure where your feet (or fingers) didn’t grasp just how excited you were to begin. I typed this and you’re reading

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