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  • Most of you know that I recently changed jobs, and if you didn’t, educate yourself. I now work for and with my mother-in-law. Yes. You read that correctly, mother-in-law. Most of you are probably like, “girl, nah. what are you doing?!” Or like “we moved

  • Oh my word. Has it been awhile or what?! I missed you guys too. If you didn’t know or haven’t seen the massive influx of insanely beautiful photos on my Instagram, I recently went on a trip to Iceland! Well, not just “I”…and not even just

  • A friend said to me this week, “dang girl, your life takes massive turns really fast and really often.” I’m a thrill seeker, a lover of change and a huge fan of Dole Whip. Hmm one of these things is not like the other. Moving on. I had a rather serendipitous week. It

  • Yesterday was a big day. It marked my last day of nannying…ever. I’ve nannied for multiple families over the past 8 years. 5 families to be exact. Fun fact; I’m actually not crazy about kids. I’m good with them and I can keep them alive, but I’ll be way

  • Bet that title made you think this was going to be a heartfelt post. It isn’t. It’s about Craft and Commerce. A hip gastropub in Little Italy. Was hip. Now its a try-too-hard eatery that everyone, their mother and tries-too-hard uncle knows about. This in no way is me

  • Recently I was faced with a less than comfortable situation. But before that an amazing opportunity was thrown my way. It was an opportunity to get uncomfortable in a growing pains sort of way. Suuuuper uneasy and twitchy, but necessary to eventually turn awkward teenager you into the

  • When was the last time you did something for the first time? Yesterday was a day of firsts for me. I learned a lot about myself by trying these new things. My wonderful, beautiful, looks-younger-than-me Mother-in-Law decided to take me out and spoil me for a day. But seriously. Look

  • If you haven’t already figured out that we are almost unbearably obsessed with our pup, Gunner, then where have you been? Gunner Ko. Lil’ G. G money. Good boy. Treats. He responds to all of these. Michael and I both had pups when we were growing up, though my story is a

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