Category: Thirty or 30

  • I haven’t completely decided whether to combine 4 and 5 yet. I’m sure I’ll make that decision before this post comes to an end. I guess you’ll have to wait and see…intrigued? Me too. Michael and I knew we were going to head north at some point to see this

  • Clearly we were ready to get this party started! No more messing around, so we set off on our next journey in hopes of getting us a little closer to that glorious “30.” This was going to be a three-fer. Eager to have babies? Us? No. I think the challenge alone gets us

  • I was sick with the travel bug, and the only prescription? More cowbell…or more traveling! When driving on new streets, I get antsy with excitement. Imagine how fired up I get when traveling to new cities or states or COUNTRIES! Michael and I have traveled the world separately,

  •   It was about time we let our journey of spontaneity begin…now, to the planning! My husband, God bless is soul, is rather patient with me. He knows I am 100% adventurer and 100% coordinator, seemingly impossible? Not for me, I plan to be spontaneous often. I stirred loudly

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