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  • On the road again, driving through to Denver, Colorado. I think it’s important to note that puppy fever…it’s at an all time high during this trip. I had actually been contacting several families who were selling Golden Retriever puppies out in Colorado. Just in case

  • If you are coming from my last post, you can put Mr. Moviefone voice on pause…for now. Might make a comeback, you never know. I never know. If you guessed that we would wake up around midnight soaked, you were 50% correct. If you guessed that I would wake up soaked as well as

  • Here we go, off on our longest road trip to date. The end destination was Colorado, but we couldn’t drive that far without stopping in Zion first. So to Zion, we went! Our life at this point was nuts. We were literally packing our bags for vacation while packing our house up to

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